How to launch a 6 figures startup with 0$ investment

Bogdan Alexandru Militaru
18 min readAug 12, 2022

I launched few projects, but every time I felt like I’m not able to do it and probably never finish it. I learnt a lot from books or from online articles, but all the time the phrases were repeted over and over with the same content.

As all my blog posts, I’ll be straight to the point, because this article is not only for you, but i§s for me too. Is a way of taking notes while I’m learning and in the moment I write these lines the learning process is still active.

So how to launch a startup, line by line.

Find your idea

The cliche “find problems around you and solve them” is somehow true, but not all the times problems suround you. What helps me is to watch problems of my clients (I run a software agency).

But REMEMBER, your idea don’t have to be unique. Competition is good and it helps you to grow. I made this mistake with many ideas, thinking that I don’t have any chance if my product is not unique. The product is not you, is not your software, it’s about the team and the know how, more than everything.

By time to time I am curious what others wants to build and some of the websites that I check are these:

Your idea may suffer many changes over time. Don’t worry, that’s normal, you need to adapt and switch fast in order to stay upfront.

Validate idea

The validation of idea is very important because we are subjective with our creations. Not all the time your idea is good. So a cold shower is benefic, and the startup idea validation is exactly that.

Talking with potential customers can be benefic from many perspectives: understand your product/service, understand if your idea is not good enough yet, the customer’s needs, what they miss in the current solution.

Where to find prospects