How to integrate a digital menu within your WordPress website

Bogdan Alexandru Militaru
2 min readAug 25, 2022

To integrate a digital menu within your WordPress website, follow the next steps and in less than 5 minutes you have a working page with the menu of your restaurant. The great part of any digital solution is the freedom to connect with other software solutions.

How to Create a Page in WordPress

First thing you need to create a new page. To get started adding a new page to your WordPress site, find the Pages menu in the WordPress Dashboard Navigation menu. Click Add New.

Fill in the Page Title and add a new HTML block using the + button from the top-left corner.

Integrate your digital menu within your WordPress page

In order to integrate a digital menu within your newly created page, copy and paste the following content in the HTML block, save and check your newly created page.

<iframe src="" height="640px" width="100%" />

And check the result right above.

If you want different width or height, feel free to change the values inside. Please be advised that px means pixels, and % means the percentage from the screen.

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