How to generate random hex colors in Javascript? I’ve created a very simple library to solve this problem.

Why? Because is simple, reusability of code. Code reusability gives you the ability to reuse code multiple times so you can develop applications faster and with more consistency. I needed this functionality two times for 2 different projects in a single month and I decided to create something simple and import it into both projects. Then I said, wait, but why don’t make it public.

And here we are, talking about this library boobo94/random-color


npm i github:boobo94/random-color


import RandomColor from 'random-color'

const newColor = RandomColor.getColor();
console.log(newColor) // #44ad3c


The MIT License. Check it here

Do you have a question about this project please open an issue on Github or write me on Twitter

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Before knowing where your business stands, you should look at the market and your competition. You need to know what marketing tactics and strategies are working for your audience, what traffic the competition has, and how they position.

1. Moz

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Create a file and preallocate size. In the following example we allocate 4GB

$ sudo fallocate -l 4G /swapfile

The prompt will return:

$ ls -lh /swapfile
-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 4.0G Feb 8 08:50 /swapfile

Enable SWAP file

We need to enable it before to use it, but first let’s make sure…

Bogdan Alexandru Militaru

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